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Helmi – a novella

No superficial elements remain in existence after science can map the human brain by reading thoughts. Metaphysics, Heaven, Hell, and God are all made up by human minds.

A technique known as HELMI was introduced to find out the truth about the powers of the human mind. There were two friends, the first one – a student of medicine and the other one – a lab-on-chip major.  

The second friend had a daughter named Helmi. Helmi faced some problems soon after her birth. Some years later, the first friend graduated from medical school and wanted to examine Helmi. She came up with a plan to insert a neurochip in Helmi’s brain through an operation.

She received support from a Research Director who had over 40 years of experience in the field of nanotechnology. Someone was needed to make software for the chip, and the brother of Helmi’s mom, an IT guy, was chosen for the task. The brain was operated on and with the aid of the new software; it became possible to stimulate and read Helmi’s brain.


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