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The World of NanoRobots

Our brains can be very dependent on nanorobots in the present time. There is a recent medical finding that can be used to produce chemical changes in our heads through an injection and nanomachine implantation. Those tiny devices can adjust neuron signals in our brains, moods, and hormone levels. Individuals with depression or other mental issues can live a better and happier life due to this potential treatment.

Sadly, humans are often lazy; they let the robot headquarters automatically control their lives.  The system of robots can be programmed to work for the good of humankind. Programming can allow robot headquarters full control over human brains. Intelligent nanorobots cause psychological problems like mood changes, depression, and the possibility of aggressiveness or criminal behavior in people.

The earth soon fills up with victims for whom injection was obligatory, but a few newborns have luckily enough not been inserted nanorobots by robot headquarters. These children leave for the Amazon Rainforest around the age of 9. They later develop an immune system themselves because they don’t want nanorobots to have any effect on their bodies. 

Outside the jungle, the war ends with billions and billions of dead people due to self-violation, starvation, and bombardments. However, young citizens living inside the wood are vaccinated to keep their minds healthy. They finally decide to cut down the power sources of the robot headquarters. Nanorobots cannot function without their energy supply. 

After the victory, only young Amazon adolescents are alive in this entire world. It is a lesson for all human beings that they should not abuse technology. All humans should love their natural bodies along with all native creatures on Earth. 


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