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Retired Soldier

Andy, an American Boy, suffered poorly at the hands of his divorced mother who was a drug addict and alcoholic. He was staying with his grandfather and was a genius and an intelligent boy in school. Soon after his first marriage when he was 19 years old, his first son was born, but due to money problems, it became very hard for him to provide for his family. The continuous nagging of his mother didn’t help either. Soon, he joined the navy and had to quit college. His wife, who was depressed and young, got tired taking care of the baby boy. So, when Andy’s mother was taking care of the baby, she went to a party and got extremely drunk and cheated on Andy with a stranger. Andy, after finding out what his wife did, filed a divorce but lost his son’s custody.

He left for Korea when he was 21 and came to know about the Asian cultures for the first time. He fell in love with a Korean woman who worked in a coffeehouse where he visited frequently. The girl was married off by her parents, and Andy left for Thailand and Cambodia. He came across human trading and the business of buying and selling of women and children. He managed to help a young girl escape the sex trade and helped her family.

He was transferred to the south of Vietnam where he fell in love with a woman whose name was Đan Thu, who he thought was killed by the communists.

He faced a lot of mental disorders as well as physical exhaustion and pain after the Vietnamese war, but he was treated well in a US Hospital. Soon the occurrences of the war, losing his girlfriend Đan Thu and losing his fellow militants took a toll on his mental health.

He married an American woman who did not want to have children with him. She was a jealous woman and thought that her husband was cheating on her. She did not do any housework as a revenge mechanism and didn’t care much about her family life either. They both lived unhappily. Later, Andy retired from the Army and started his business.

Being able to make a lot of money and moving to a much bigger house, Andy retired from the business as well. He tried giving free of cost ‘message programs’ to the new Vietnamese generation and help them to improve their English. He met a Vietnamese girl online who became his friend and wrote a book on his life. This lady author was contacted by a woman who wanted to know about Andy, as her father was an American soldier in love with her mom during the wartime.

Andy’s life took a huge turn when he realized that the young lady who contacted the author of his book is none other than his daughter from his Vietnamese girlfriend Đan Thu. She was pregnant with his child when he thought that the communists had killed her. After having a troublesome childhood and severe life, Andy had never been this happy before.


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