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I want to create tasty food for mind.

Great reading has little to do with trends.

The World of NanoRobots

Our brains can be very dependent on nanorobots in the present time. There is a recent medical finding that can be…

The Time of Chaos

People cannot survive a single day without using a smartphone, as it helps in every aspect of life including mapping,…

Retired Soldier

Andy, an American Boy, suffered poorly at the hands of his divorced mother who was a drug addict and alcoholic….

Helmi – a novella

No superficial elements remain in existence after science can map the human brain by reading thoughts. Metaphysics, Heaven, Hell, and…

Family Business in Vietnam

This book contains an overview of the current economic situation in Vietnam and the role that family-owned businesses play in…

Investigating Atomic Force Microscopy

In this book, atomic force microscopy (AFM) tip profile was introduced and studied on carbon nanotube with various widths. This…

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