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A humble beginning, I was able to defy all odds to come up with my own version of success.

I was born in Vietnam’s Highlands in November of 1983. At the time, my hometown was cold – reaches 4 degrees Celsius at night and the town was also foggy when the morning came. I remembered foggy pathways, but it did not stop me from studying and preparing for school. My childhood days were spent well, near a 100-year-old French style house where I enjoyed my days as a kid. At a very young age, I was greatly interested in reading books. When I reached the age of 7 or 8, I began reading my father’s books which focused on philosophy, science, and religion. People called me a bookworm. Reading was in my blood, and when I turned 12 I was spending most of my time reading popular and world-renowned novels. Then, I started to write about myself on a daily basis. I became a regular contributor to local journals. I am not only a book lover; I am also an activist through writing about victims who don’t receive justice in society.